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Variable credit

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Variable credit

Variable credit is a type of personal loan that’s different from traditional term loans.

  • Duration
    With CrédimatiK, your financing solution has no fixed term. You are not obligated to finish repaying your open credit by a predetermined date, whether it’s one year or five years.
  • Cash advance
    If you get a cash advance, you must make a minimum payment at each pay.
  • Minimum payment
    The minimum payment includes repaying part of the money borrowed, as well as repaying part of the interest accrued. It also includes subscription fees of $22.75 per week, which you must pay as long as you have a balance owing. (Once you’ve repaid your open credit in full, you no longer pay the subscription fees.)
  • Faster repayment
    You can pay off your open credit faster without ANY penalty.
  • Additional credit
    If you have paid off part of your personal credit, you can borrow extra cash. (Some conditions apply.)
  • No credit check!
    All our financing solutions are personal cash credits without credit check. We do not look at your credit report, so you can get a open credit even with a bad credit report.

In a term loan, a bank lends money to one person, who must repay a predetermined amount on predetermined dates. A term loan often takes years to be repaid in full. CrédimatiK offers variable credit instead (or “revolving credit facility”). You can find more information in our FAQ section.